How to lobby your council

To get a skate park built, or to get an event of program held at your local, you will need to work with your local governing authority (Council or Skate Park Management) to formally arrange this.

The good news is websites such as have a wealth of information and resources for you to utilise.

Key Tips for events and programs
  • Know your Council’s strategic goals and visions, then align your initiative with it
  • Base your request on research as well as passion
  • Be persistent, the rusty hinge gets the oil!
  • Bring the community along by consulting with a number of stakeholders
  • Use the media to portray a positive image for your initiative
  • Research costs (get a quote from a service provider or club)
  • Research funding opportunities (grants)
Key Tips for Skate Park development

Before you get in contact with your local councillors of politicians, it is important that you know:

Know the issues
Know the relevant facts and figures about skate facilities – learn the counter arguments to any arguments they might use. Be very clear in your own mind what the key message is (make it positive), and stick to it.

Know the councillors and/or politicians
Find out his/her name, party, electorate or ward. Check if it is a conservative area or a safe seat, or a marginal one. Is he/she a Minister or a Shadow Minister? Is he/she on any committees?

Know your objectives
Be clear about what you want them to do

  • Raise the issue in a council meeting
  • Make a public statement supporting a skate park
  • Lobby fellow councillors, mayors or politicians

Research is King!
Remember you don’t need to start from scratch. Many Local Governments have skate parks included in their strategies on:

  • Youth Spaces
  • Skate and BMX Parks
  • Recreation and leisure

If you’re local council doesn’t have one, one of your neighbours will. It is very important to source examples of success stories and the benefits of them.


Like most not-for-profit organisations, the life blood of the VSA is our Volunteers. From our Board members to the dude manning the BBQ, we all give our time and treasure to assist in the development of the skateboarding community, with the aim of making it a better and more vibrant place for all.

Whether you’re in the industry, a hardcore skater or a skate mum or dad, the VSA welcomes your support and embraces the assistance from all willing to contribute.

The VSA seeks the assistance of people in the areas of:

  • Sponsorship
  • Policy Development
  • Grant Submissions and Funding
  • Board and Governance
  • Event Management and Staffing
  • Marketing and Promotions (photography or filming)

If you have expertise and/or knowledge in any of the areas above and would like to assist the VSA in creating a better, safer and more vibrant skate community, please send us an email advising your contact details, expertise/area of interest and we will be in contact.

Tel 03 9663 6611

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Sue Kirk – President 0409 404 490
Nick Buskens – Vice President 0404 384 688

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